About Me

I like to do a lot with technology, from simple organisation tricks to hard modding systems to run arbitrary code by soldering some wires, I do it all.


My current focus right now is C#, I love it to bits <3. While not the most advanced language, it has high utility and can be powerful when needed. I also do the usual like HTML/CSS/JS for WEB-Design and of course PHP for server-side tasks but I wish to learn something more advanced like running a NodeJS backend. It’s also fun to play around with scripting based languages like Python though I don’t use it as much as id like to, I usually use C# rather than Python as im more familiar with it. At the end of the day, if there’s something I want to get done, I can get it done.

Video Restoration

Example of American Dad More Examples Other than programming I like to do video restoration, for example improving a grainy, halo effects, compressed, interlaced DVD into a clean and crisp 1080p video thats ready to look amazing on a BluRay disc. I typically work on Animated material as they are typically forgotten about, especially when they were hand drawn and being physically unable to be recorded in better condition and/or even having the original reels destroyed or lost. There’s a lot that go’s into improving content, it’s very easy to actually lose valuable data by simply encoding incorrectly. I find it very fun to tackle the challenges of trying to find out the best course of action for specific content encoded in almost always very different ways, like having to deal with Rainbowing, Dotting, Same-Seed Grain, Halo’ing, Color banding, Flicker, Interlacing, Color Interlacing Off-sync’s, Incorrect/bad Matting, and much more. It’s like Art to me, I can go from a terrible looking image to a very crisp clean image.

UI and UX Design

Example of SNIPR Interface designing is a passion of mine and I consider it a top priority for a project, if the UI doesn’t look good, user’s tend to lose interest, if the UX Design isn’t up to par, user’s tend to get frustrated. Both of these can lose out on customers and money, it may even cost you money as it will probably garner more Customer Service requests too! I tend to look at it from the cramped view, I tend to enjoy applications that are essentially pocket sized compared to other applications. By starting off with an abnormally small window or view size and building from there, allows you to better proportion your designs as the project goes along by slowly enlarging it fitting more and more in. From there its UX’s job to see if it’s truly convenient to the user, should this really take me 2 clicks to do? Should I have this as a hotkey instead? Does this need a label saying what it is, perhaps I could use a Tooltip? Would a dropdown menu work better, how about a vertical navigation bar instead of a conventional horizontal? Is this design’s color’s following a nice pattern, is there too many different shades of a color, could I reduce it to a 6 shade, 2 accent pallete? Stuff like this runs through my mind.

And many more things

There’s lots I enjoy, including gaming, entertainment, Soldering, Reverse Engineering, Pen-testing, Music, Organisation, Archiving, Media Collecting (Sealed Games/DVD’s/BluRay’s and the like), and much more.

And best of all, I don’t smoke or drink. :D